Will my school district have the opportunity to launch a CrossingGuard+ program?

For now, Verra Mobility’s CrossingGuard+ smart and safe bus solution is offered primarily to school districts in Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington and other states where the use of school bus stop arm safety cameras has been approved. In other locations, student ridership, on-bus student WiFi and interior camera systems can be purchased separately. 

What is the cost of CrossingGuard+?

The CrossingGuard+ smart and safe school bus program is possible because of a law that allows the school district to deploy school bus stop arm safety cameras on their bus fleet. The fines collected from law breakers (drivers who endanger children by passing a school bus when the stop arm is extended) are used to offset the investment in technology. 

Each month, Verra Mobility invoices customers for a portion of the collected fine revenue. Any revenue that remains after the vendor is paid, is then used to reimburse law enforcement for its role in reviewing and issuing captured violations. Any further funds are used for other school safety initiatives. 

Can a CrossingGuard+ program be customized?

Yes. Programs can be customized to fit the needs of your students, drivers, parents, and faculty. For example, if your fleet is already equipped with interior cameras, your program could focus on other solutions including student on-bus WIFI or rider visibility. Our experienced team is available to customize a smart and safe school bus program that fits the needs of your school district. 

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What is the difference between CrossingGuard and CrossingGuard+?

Verra Mobility has outfitted hundreds of buses across the U.S. with CrossingGuard stop arm safety cameras. CrossingGuard programs reduce illegal passing through the proven use of automated enforcement and effective public relations efforts.

CrossingGuard+ programs leverage illegal passing fines collected on behalf of customers to fund additional smart and safe bus solutions including interior cameras, on-bus WIFI, rider visibility with RFID cards, a bus locator app for parents, and more. 

I live in a state with stop arm legislation and am interested, what are the next steps?

Please contact us through the online form below. A CrossingGuard+ specialist will reach out to assess how we can best assist your school district. 

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